Of This Parish

Prior, David ORCID logoORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-8750-445X and Crow, Frances (2013) Of This Parish. [Exhibition]

Item Type: Exhibition
Event Summary: Divina Sonus Ruris: Creative Labs in Sound Art/Binaural/Nodar, Portugal /27 April 2013
Creators: Prior, David and Crow, Frances
Abstract / Summary:

Bells have had a central role in the formation and solidification of communities. The idea of a ‘Parish’ – a common device used to delineate territory while also defining a sacred community – was an articulation of acoustic space: the Parish was the zone in which a church bell could be heard.

This notion of ‘Parish’ as phonosphere is the point of departure in a piece which explores the relationship between acoustic spaces: the personal and the shared, the secular and the sacred, the near and the distant, the historical and the contemporary.

In the piece, four walks are made simultaneously by four synchronized sound recordists, all starting from the central location of a Church with a tolling bell.
When the recordings are played through four corresponding pairs of loudspeakers arranged around the perimeter of an installation space, the recordings would begin with this integrated 8-channel surround recording; each recording rendering the acoustic scene from an only marginally different perspective to the others. However, as the recordists begin along their respective walks, only sounds loud enough to permeate each local environment – such as the church bell – would permeate all four recordings

The rationale for the presentation of these four recordings in a single space is to provide the listener with an impossible listening experience, collapsing the entire acoustic territory of the Parish into its epicentre; the church that defines it.

Date: 2013
Additional Information: The first installation of Of This Parish took place on April 27, 2013 as the culmination of Liminal’s residency at Binaural/Nodar, Portugal, part of the Divina Sonus Ruris: Creative Labs in Sound Art programme. April 2013 - Residency at Binarual/ Nodar Portugal with installation August 2013 - Residency in China with installation September 2013 - Workshop in London with installation October 2013 - Complete web archive of whole project November 2013 - Release Book documenting project November 2013 - Broadcast of radio piece from project May - November 2013 - seek opportunities for conference, festival and teaching presentations and journal publications + press.
Depositing User: David Prior
Date Deposited: 06 Dec 2013 14:20
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