Performance Research: Transplantations

Allsopp, Ric and Warnell, P. (2009) Performance Research: Transplantations. [Journal]

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Abstract / Summary

The 50th issue of Performance Research raises a number of approaches to how we might consider the notion of transplantation traversing medical, biological, horticultural, socio-cultural, post-colonial, philosophical and linguistic perspectives and practices. It explores the borders and peripheries of performance, and the cultural, ethical and artistic implications of the uses and increasing prevalence of transplantation procedures. Transplantations includes contributions on body transfers, foreign bodies, male pregnancy as strategic engagement, golems, poisoned arrows, disembodied geographies, trance and violence, bio-art, tattoos and identities, clown prosthetics, cultural transplantations, biomedical accidents, ‘decisive transfusions’, and skinned bodies, from theorists, scholars, practitioners, artists and a cartoonist. Our 50th issue celebrates and surveys the boundaries of performance research and its intersections with physical, fictive, virtual, and viral sites of transformation, translation and transplantation, as we move further into twenty-first century understandings, modes of being and ways of living together.

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