Artful Ecologies

Montag, Daro (2008) Artful Ecologies. [Conference]

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Abstract / Summary

Artful Ecologies is a publication of conference papers compiled and edited by Dr. Daro Montag. The conference, Artful Ecologies, was directed and organised by Montag and took place at the University’s Falmouth Campus. The call for contributions asked, ‘How can artists create work that is both ecologically responsible and valid as art?’, The text collects work by the field’s key figures, including Suzi Gablik, Tim Collins, John Grande, George Steinmann and David Peat. The 2008 publication, Artful Ecologies, contributes to the rapidly expanding literature on ecological art. Following the publication of Artful Ecologies, there has been a large increase in the volume of research into the colocation of artistic validity and ecological responsibility. By foregrounding core discourses by influential ecological art thinkers, this book helped to establish RANE as one of the major players in this growing field.

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