Rural Industries Organisations and Blacksmithing from the 1920s to 1970s

Hawkins, David (2013) Rural Industries Organisations and Blacksmithing from the 1920s to 1970s. Artist Blacksmith, 141. ISSN 1469-4301

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Abstract / Summary

This is the first study of the influence of the policies and practices of the various incarnations of the Rural Development Commission (RDC, later merged with the Countryside Commission, then becoming English Nature) over rural blacksmiths in the period 1920-1979. Evidence was gathered through interviews with former employees and clients, and the two-year examination of the complete archives of the RDC, Rural Industries Bureau and the Council for Small Industries in Rural Areas, including reports, memos, policy documents, etc, covering the period 1920 to 1979. The article summarises and describes the influence of national policy, war-time practices, actions of the rural industries organisers and links to trade bodies in the dual context of significant changes to the rural economy and the influence of industrialisation on rural commercial blacksmithing., It was felt that the material should be exposed to a combined academic and professional audience. Artist Blacksmith was selected as the best possible vehicle for disseminating the findings as its readership includes all of the major academic institutions linked to blacksmithing and a high proportion of practicing blacksmiths worldwide.

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