Arcades - Who's Most Lost?

Prior, David ORCID logoORCID: and McKinnon, Dugal (2007) Arcades - Who's Most Lost? [Composition]

Item Type: Composition
Creators: Prior, David and McKinnon, Dugal
Abstract / Summary:

Arcades’ is a song-writing collaboration between Prior and Dugal McKinnon. ‘Arcades’ owes its title to the Walter Benjamin project of the same name, signalling acknowledgement of the palimpsest of influences upon which it draws. However, rather than these influences being represented in the music by means of direct sampling, ‘Arcades’ makes use of a dense collage of sounds, all of which remain subservient to the overall gestalt: ‘Arcades’ is conceived as an ecology in which the constituent elements of a song rarely rise in significance above one-another but, rather, gain meaning from the way in which they blend and clash.

While ‘Arcades’ draws heavily on acoustic instruments, these are used more as cultural signifiers than vehicles for expressive performance. ‘Arcades’ is an acousmatic studio construction which attempts to reinterpret some of the central themes of classical ‘musique concrète’ through the lens of the pop song, with all its ‘redundant’ protocols of traditional pitch, harmony, rhythm and structure serving as sonic sign-posts to focus the listener on the fabric of the sound itself.

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McKinnon, Dugal
Prior, David
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Date: 20 November 2007
Additional Information: Prior began working on ‘Arcades’ with McKinnon (now Director of the Electroacoustic Music Studios, New Zealand School of Music) when they were both studying for their PhDs at the University of Birmingham. Since then, the writing process has been contingent on their living on opposite sides of the world, with the context of the web servers on which the material has been located becoming a fundamental characteristic of the collaboration. As the detailed breakdown of contributors to the project shows, Prior wrote, arranged and produced the music to 11 of the 13 tracks, while McKinnon wrote all of the lyrics and the music to the remaining two songs.
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