Antoine Leperlier: tralucentes novi liquores fluxisse

Brewerton, Andrew (2007) Antoine Leperlier: tralucentes novi liquores fluxisse. Editions Réunion des musées nationaux, Paris, France. ISBN 9782711853311

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Keynote essay in the catalogue monograph accompanying a retrospective of Leperlier’s work, over four decades, at the Musée National de la Céramique Sèvres (Paris), March 2007, with text in French and English. No other contemporary glass artist has been recognised with a retrospective at a French national museum.

The essay explores the formative imaginal and cognitive dimensions of glass as a material, and the physicality of production techniques and processes, in Leperlier’s evolving and embodied poetics of making. It challenges accepted concepts of the relationship between idea and work in contemporary object-centred ‘applied art’, and seeks to extend the scope of writing on contemporary glass in relation to Western philosophy, and to other artforms.

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Additional Information: This essay was commissioned as an extended version of a single-authored catalogue*, ‘Antoine Leperlier’ (Paris/Nançay, Editions Galerie Capazza, 2006), and grew out of a dialogic relationship between writer and artist. A further commission was invited by the editor of Neues Glas as a review, ‘Antoine Leperlier at the Musée de Sèvres’ (Neues Glas/New Glass,1/07). The essay draws upon thinking originated earlier by Brewerton in ‘Touching the Void’ (FORM No. 1, December 2004), regarding concepts of positive and negative space (being and nothingness) with reference to Heidegger, Daoism, and lost-wax casting in glass. ‘Touching the Void’ had charted the development of the ‘cire perdu’ moulding technique, originating in the Spring-and-Autumn period of the Eastern Zhou dynasty, as imaginal technology and as cognitive method in Eastern and Western modernist traditions, extending the author’s critical interest in the nature of tacit understanding and the poetics of making in so-called ‘applied art’ within Western and Eastern traditions (refer to portfolio documentation).
ISBN: 9782711853311
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