Partly Cloudy, Chance of Rain: A Case Study

Whalley, J. and Miller, L. (2010) Partly Cloudy, Chance of Rain: A Case Study. In: Blood, Sweat and Theory: Research through Practice in Performance. Middlesex University Press, London, pp. 218-232. ISBN 978-1907471049

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Abstract / Summary

Although the ground-breaking collaborative practice as research PhD we undertook was completed in 2003, and although it has been reflected upon by other academics (notably Kershaw 2009, Nelson 2009 & 2013), this 2009 publication was the first time we reflected upon and publicly wrote about the modalities and methodologies employed in its completion. As such, even though it reflects upon a piece of research completed a decade ago, it is a substantially significant shift in terms of findings, given that it attempts to reframe and refocus the debates around practice as research, and thus a new piece of research. Sitting as it does within a publication dedicated to a range of practice as research projects, our case study serves as a major contribution to knowledge in relation to post-graduate study, but also to the conversation around collaboration within practice-based disciplines., The chapter is an attempt to offer a perspective upon the questions around equivalence, illustration and knowledge generation within the context of post-graduate research. Written some years after the completion of the project, the ideas of heritage and legacy are unavoidable and do assert themselves to some degree within the writing, although this is not the sole focus of the writing. Also under consideration is the idea of the ‘supplemental’ status of practice within the context of a PhD, and how our project might offer strategies for resistance.

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