Where to? Steps Towards the Future of Walking Arts Symposium

Where to? Steps Towards the Future of Walking Arts
Thursday 16 April 2015 09.00 to 21.00

An international symposium of manifestos, interventions and future visions of the diverse aesthetic forms, sensibilities, regional particularities and politics of walking art practices.

Featuring provocations from Giulia Fiocca (Stalker, ITA), Deirdre Heddon, Cathy Turner (Wrights & Sites) and Clare Qualmann (WAN/ walkwalkwalk), a guided walk with Moira Williams (Walk Exchange, NY), a screening of Liminal's film Of This Parish in partnership with the Cornwall Film Festival, and Bram Arnold's exhibition Walking Home (Again) at the Fish Factory.

In partnership with the AHRC Walking Artist Network, the Articulating Space Research Centre at Falmouth University is hosting a symposium to consider the future of walking arts through a programme of interventions, propositions and/or manifestos that address three key strands of inquiry:

  • The diversity of forms and growth of interest in walking art practices
  • The regional particularities in walking (art)
  • The politics of walking (art).

In partnership with Cornwall Film Festival, the event will feature a screening of the walking related film Of This Parish created by Liminal. In the evening, we will go the route with Bram Thomas Arnold's exhibition Walking Home at the Fish Factory in Falmouth.

The programme aims to address the following questions pertinent to each of the three key areas of inquiry that will shape the symposium discussion:

1. The growth/ interest in walking art practices: Its visibility, breadth and range

  • What are the sensibilities and dynamics in art theory that are promoting walking's popularity?
  • How do these relate to wider cultural sensibilities and structures of feeling?
  • How are ideas of placed encounters with walking globally circulated and reproduced?
  • How are mobile and located technologies promoting new platforms and audiences for walking art practices?

2. Regional particularities in walking (art)

  • How does the act of walking take possession of landscape and/or articulate the identity of the walker with the place (and vice versa)?
  • How can we challenge ourselves as walkers in a passive landscape/backdrop: How do the animate and inanimate act upon one another?
  • How does the act of walking connect places?
  • How is regional identity communicated or marketed (nationally and internationally) through the appeal of walking?

3. The politics of walking (art)

  • Who is marginalized or left behind?
  • Who is walking? Who isn't walking?
  • Are the resistances of walking over-stated?
  • How does walking mobilise political action?


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