Locating the Self, Welcoming the Other In British and Irish Art, 1990-2020

Morisson, Valérie and Blight, Laura (2022) Locating the Self, Welcoming the Other In British and Irish Art, 1990-2020. Peter Lang, Oxford. ISBN 9781800793941

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Abstract / Summary

The text and images in this chapter explore domestic dust as a residue material within interior spaces. Dust is often associated with the overlooked and mundane, a nuisance to be eradicated. This text discusses dust as a material to be worked with and as a multi-layered symbol, representing our physical manifestation in the world and as a symbol for cultural repression, existence and mortality. Dust visibly interacts with space and people’s movements thereby making visible otherwise invisible interactions between humans and matter. Dust is also discussed in relation to memory and abjection.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Representation of domestic space, belongingness vs. nomadic identities, locating the self, domestic dust, British interiors, photography, grief, existence, memory.
ISBN: 9781800793941
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