Diaspora: after Caspar David Friedrich

Bourke, Robert (2005) Diaspora: after Caspar David Friedrich. [Artwork]

Item Type: Artwork
Creators: Bourke, Robert
Abstract / Summary:

This work is part of ‘Fragile Littoral: Europa’, an ongoing series conceived as an essay on fragile states attempting to ‘view’ Europe from its liminal boundaries - from the placelessness between coastal edge and actual ocean constituting a ‘beyond’ that remains proximal. Heavily influenced by Bourke’s research in Japan, particularly in its adoption of an aesthetics of impermanence, its thematic ‘roots’ are in the earlier ‘Spa’ series (1992-2000), ‘Dark Bride’ (1998), ‘Dogde’ (2001) and ‘Bird Flying Empty Sky’ (2002).

‘Diaspora: after Caspar David Friedrich’ responds to the term ‘diaspora’ as it relates to a European context. Imagery alludes, in part, to Friedrich’s ‘Woman at a Window’ and makes oblique reference to manifestations of cultural diaspora and individual yearning. It continues Bourke’s ongoing preoccupation with fragility and appearance/disappearance, and the ‘slippage’ between lyrical sensuality and disturbance. It departs from other recent work in its overt use of artifice: much of the imagery is CGI generated.

Date: 4 November 2005
Additional Information: Shown in: ‘Two Asias, Two Europes: An International Exhibition of Contemporary Art’, Duolun Museum of Modern Art (4/11-8/12/05), curated Gu Zhenqing, also including: Koen Vanmechelen, Wim Delvoye , Qu Yan, Jin Jiangbo, Shen Shaomin, Song Dong, Song Tao, Xu Tan, Yue Luping, Weng Fen, Aurèle, Nina Kovacheva+Valentin Stefanoff , Alexander Steig, Christiane Oppermann, Dieter Jung, Eckhard Westermeier, Harro Schmidt, Suzanne Koechert, Susanne Winterling, Timm Ulrichs, Ursula Neugebauer , Tiong Ang Lee, Joong-keun, Lee Han-su, Marianne Heske, Mette Tronvoll , Artur Daniel Grabowski, Izabela Gustowska, Jacek Jerzy Staniszewski, Konrad Jakub Kuzyszyn, Slawomir Sobczak, Tomasz Wendland, Sookoon Ang, Annik Larsson , Peng Hungchih, Yao Jui-chung, Vincent J.F. Huang, Manit Sriwanichpoom.
Subjects: Arts > Miscellaneous
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