Untimely Affects

Boljkovac, Nadine (2015) Untimely Affects. Plateaus: New Directions in Deleuze Studies . Edinburgh University Press, Edinburgh. ISBN 9780748646449

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Abstract / Summary

Via Chris Marker & Alain Resnais' works vis-à-vis creative untimeliness (Nietzsche), Untimely Affects assesses limits and potentials of film, thought, self.

UNTIMELY AFFECTS examines the role of affect in works by Marker and Resnais whose film and multimedia works respond to events of violence and war, including the Holocaust, Hiroshima, postcolonialism and 9/11. The book contemplates a reflexive relation between perceiver-perceived – film, screen, camera, viewer, filmmaker. Through close readings, consciousnesses of various reflective screens and surfaces are interrogated so that the faces of television sets, billboards, the eyes of all the worlds a traveller confronts, engender a movement and consciousness of pure duration itself.

"Boljkovac makes saliently clear the powerful force of attraction that brings Marker, Resnais and Deleuze into each other's orbits. Readers will welcome close, sustained, and ever-rewarding readings of cinema, history, and philosophy on each and every page."
--Tom Conley, Harvard University

"The philosophical ideas that inspire Boljkovac are extreme: happiness, love and madness at one end; pain, suffering and misery at the other. Cinema is her vehicle into a hope-filled future. Through its encounters with key films and texts by Marker, Resnais and others, Untimely Affects is important and inspiring."
--Adrian Martin, Monash University

"In a sensitive reading of Deleuze and through a moving appreciation of the works of Resnais and Marker, Nadine Boljkovac opens an urgent path for film and philosophy, where they answer the demand to respond ethically to the terrible events that continue to haunt our worlds."
--James Williams, University of Dundee

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